The Brit Awards

The Brit Awards was an exciting event held last night!!!!!

Ed Sheeran got Best Album of the Year and Best English Male singer of the year
Taylor Swift got Best International female of the year
Sam Smith got Best British Breakthrough and something else, but I can’t remember what it was!!!!!! 😳
And you can not avoid the fact that Madonna fell over !!!!! I hope that she is alright though…
Please comment I would love to hear your opinion


Tiger upgrades in India

I think that it is very good that there are more tigers because nature is a huge part of the world, if there were no tigers then that would b a huge part of the cat family. If we had taken the Tigers out of the cat family, think how that would effect others among, I can bet you that there would be a war if the tigers became extinct. Do you? I love tigers because they have such lovely fur and they seem really vicious but really they are friendly. I think that this is what they should say to the poachers,” Get off our tigers, you people of the world.” And trust me they will never forget it. They have just threatened the beloved animals and for what MONEY?????? It is ridiculous they can find money many other places, but instead they try to kill our animals for it!!!!! What’s the point??????? I think that the idea of putting hotels in the middle of the tiger parks is disgraceful. I think if they want to put a hotel somewhere, put it outside the park, maybe think about it before you do it