School tomorrow

It is school tomorrow and i am so excited; start of a new week… hurray!!!!! If only school could be shorter each day then that would be better, because then I wouldn’t be so tired. My favourite part of school is Maths, Netball and I get to see my friends. Some of my friends are doing blogs as well as me… But I want to make mine amazing. I have a cold and it is really annoying me. It is driving me crazy!!!!!!:-(

I am reading Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy, I like books that are interesting and a bit of romance behind the whole story. I have got some Hunger Games books, but I have not read them yet. I got them for Christmas, I have read two other books by Cathy Cassidy, Lucky Star and Sundae girl, they were really good.
If anyone has read any good books that you think I might like then please say on the comments bar at the bottom of this. Thanks 🙂


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