Monday 26th January 2015

Hey guys, I have just got back from school, I am sooo tired. First thing today (at the start of school) we had Maths, one of my favourite lessons, unfortunately we only had a small lesson of it. 😦 After that we had another small session, although this time it was English. Next, it was time to chill for a 15 minute break. After this we had Music, there was a test this week and I didn’t do to well, I got 7 out 10, most people got more than I did, but still? I must admit that Music isn’t my strongest subject. After Music there was lunch break which was really fun, but the lunch wasn’t great we had fajitas. Luckily, I was aloud to have just the potato wedges instead and some salad. Then the whole school has this ERIC thing with means everybody reading in class. Next lesson was Science, in which we are learning about planets. Finally we had History, in which we are learning about Anne Boleyn. And now, I am home, just chilling… 🙂 🙂


School tomorrow

It is school tomorrow and i am so excited; start of a new week… hurray!!!!! If only school could be shorter each day then that would be better, because then I wouldn’t be so tired. My favourite part of school is Maths, Netball and I get to see my friends. Some of my friends are doing blogs as well as me… But I want to make mine amazing. I have a cold and it is really annoying me. It is driving me crazy!!!!!!:-(

I am reading Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy, I like books that are interesting and a bit of romance behind the whole story. I have got some Hunger Games books, but I have not read them yet. I got them for Christmas, I have read two other books by Cathy Cassidy, Lucky Star and Sundae girl, they were really good.
If anyone has read any good books that you think I might like then please say on the comments bar at the bottom of this. Thanks 🙂